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Glenn Blaser is Our New #1 Seniority Employee

Posted November 8, 2021 at 4:54 pm

Glenn Blaser was recognized as Winnebago Industries’ #1 Seniority Employee on Tuesday, February 12 on the Company’s 61st Anniversary.

Glenn is a 48-year veteran of Winnebago Industries and assumed this distinction with the retirement of Larry Kearney who retired in January with more than 50 years of service with the Company.

On hand for the presentation were several Winnebago Industries Alumni including 5 who previously held the distinction of #1 Seniority Employee:

  • Bill Price
  • Dennis Dirksen
  • Bob Eames
  • Harlan Rodberg
  • Larry Kearney

Congratulations to all current and former Winnebago Industries employees on our 61st Anniversary. Your collective efforts have helped contribute to the storied legacy and promising future of our Company.

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